Households Surrounding Phnom Penh International Airport Under Threat of Eviction Ahead of ASEAN Meet

Several hundreds of families living along the southern wall of Phnom Penh International Airport are under imminent threat of eviction as a result of development of the airport.

According to the authorities, households living within 10m of the airport wall must make way for a “safety road”. Some 165 households have already received eviction notices. At the same time, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is financing a potential airport expansion. According to the Environmental Review Summary for the project: “SCA to extend the runway by 600 meters (from 3000 to 3600 meters) on the southwest side of the airport. This requirement is based on the need to accommodate a fully loaded wide body aircraft (Boeing 747) capable of flying non-stop to Western Europe. Extending the runway would cause the permanent displacement of approximately 500 residents and landholders in a low-income residential/commercial community that exists immediately adjacent to the airport property at this location.”

The below map indicates households that have received eviction notices in three villages surrounding the airport: Thmor Kol, Prey Chisak, Kok Chambok.

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