The Vinci Group has a 70% stake in SCA.

Vinci is a French concessions and construction company, and is one the largest companies in the world, employing close to 183,000 people in some 100 countries. Vinci is now an independent company trading on the Paris stock exchange. As of December 31, 2002, Vinci had net worth of €2.6 billion, total debt of €5.9 billion and total assets of €20.3 billion. For the year ending December 31, 2002, Vinci generated net income of €478 million on total revenues of €17.6 billion. Vinci is a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

A letter from Bankwatch details extensive rights violations resulting from a massive Vinci project in Russia: Vinci’s failure to respect Global Compact commitments on human rights and the environment. More information can be found on the Save Khimki Forest site.

The company has violated 3 of the 10 Global Compact principles, on promoting human rights, avoiding complicity in human rights abuses, and supporting a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.

Vinci has not only failed to condemn the human rights abuses committed against opponents of the project’s current routing, but Louis-Roch Burgard, CEO of Vinci Concessions has openly said that he does not care: “We are dealing with tens of projects in France, Europe and throughout the world and sometimes some projects face opposition. It is not the source of concern for us, otherwise we should be changing business.”

Vinci Contact Information:

Jean Rossi, Chairman
Bruno Dupety, COO
VINCI Construction
5, cours Ferdinand de Lesseps
F-92851 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex
Tel. : (+33) 1 47 16 39 00
Fax : (+33) 1 47 51 46 26



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