The Development Plan

The following is the key publicly available information on the concession in the Phnom Penh International Airport authority.

– SCA will carry out additional investments in PPIA in the next five years

– The total project cost is estimated at this stage at $72.0 million ($8.2 million due for past expenses; and $16.7 million of loan refinancing)

– The airport project may include an expansion of 600 m to the southwest (runway lengthening and widening, construction of a parallel taxiway, expansion of apron and warehouse facilities)

– An estimated 500 families may be affected

– Up to 1 million USD has been set aside to compensate people who are evicted. (if evenly divided amongst 500 families this would be 2000 USD per family – barely enough to build a new home).

The followong documents contain further information:

IFC’s Summary of Project Information
IFC’s Environmental Review Summary
IFC’s Summary of Proposed Investment

Crucially, the Resettlement Action Plan is not publicly available.

The Municipality of Phnom Penh has also “examined disaster management within and surrounding the airport compound” .


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